About Us

About Us

MCKIOL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MCKIOL) was incorporated in August 1999 in New Delhi , India , as a closely held Public Limited Company with a limited liability under the Indian Companies Act of 1956. It was formed with the objective of becoming a leading BPO Services Provider from India . The focus for the company has been on providing seamless off shore services. We de-risk outsourcing completely and make technology work for you. Quality of work, satisfaction of our customers,and long-term economic benefits are our guiding principals.



Our mission at MCKIOL Business Solutions is to Achieve stake holders pride through the following means:-

  • Becoming an integral part of our customers value chain
  • Considering our employees as partners of growth
  • Providing consistent & growing returns to our investors
  • Being conscious of our social responsibilities


Every company's logo has a unique meaning behind it which actually potrayes the complete meaning and philosophy in a single image. Our logo also shows WHAT DO WE STAND FOR?

  • Our Energy core, driven by innovation, intellect and fresh ideas.
  • Orange- Like the SUN, biggest energy source known to Mankind.
  • The arrow signifies a significant turnaround and a radical movement of business processes achieved by the power of innovation and fresh ideas, which we bring to an organization and which takes the organization to the next level of efficiency.
  • Electric Blue- Our House color and the color, which charges up the atmosphere, Because it is energized, just like we are.