Case Study 1

Orthopaedic Group Success Story:

This busy pain management and orthopaedic practice with eight providers found its paper-based practice management and in house billing team increasingly inadequate to meet the needs of a high turnover, high volume practice. Particular challenges included scheduling inefficiencies, eligibility verification bottlenecks, billing costs and inaccuracy, and a large volume of labs and consulting reports that required immediate attention and action.
A Medical Billing company was selected to address these issues, which was effective but very expensive. On a collection of $600,000 per month they were paying $30,000 at 5% of their collections.
Our outsourced billing solution was then implemented which was able to accomplish the same effectiveness as the former billing company but at a much lower cost of $10,000.
Our solution lets the practice decide their EHR or Billing Platform and we do not charge a percentage of the practice’s collection.