Case Study 3

Building a big Revenue Cycle Management and Insurance Back-office Services Organization with MCKIOL

In 2006 two entrepreneurs from Florida decided to start a Medical Billing and Data processing company. As a start up they decided not to invest in expensive office space or manpower and partnered with MCKIOL.
MCKIOL stood by them through ups and downs of setting up a new organization with providing free trials, onsite training, and presentation to potential clients. The end-client was always projected a common face with MCKIOL team as a part of the FL company.
The partnership worked well and within 3 years the FL Company opened three offices and became a national billing company.
At 5 years an external investor came on board and the FL Company bought another billing company and grew tremendously.
At 7 years the entrepreneurs sold the company to a national collections agency working with different insurance companies.
The new management continues to use MCKIOL for all RCM functions and have also outsourced the Insurance Back Office processes to MCKIOL.