1.    ICD 10 converter: This resource can be used to convert the ICD 9 codes to ICD 10 codes.

2.    Diagnosis/ICD Checker: This is a good tool to check appropriate ICD or diagnosis.

3.    You can use a CPT code to find out what service or procedure it represents and/or the service or procedure to look up the CPT codes that might apply. It can also be used to find out how much Medicare pays a doctor and a facility in the area of that service or procedure and check the average amount paid across the United States for that CPT.

4.    Detailed CPT Information: This is a very useful tool to get comprehensive information regarding a procedure or service including covered Diagnosis.

5.    Free FTP Software: You can download it from the given link below

6.    Free encryption software: You can find the software at the given link

7.    Free Dictation /Transcription tools: You can find the tools at the given link:

8.    Free PDF converter: You can find this software at the given link