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Why hire an internal person, when you can have an entire team of experts for a fraction of the cost?

Outsourcing your Law services to MCKIOL offers a streamlined approach. Our expert team ensures efficiency while maintaining compliance. With cost-effective solutions, we optimize processes, reduce costs, and secure your sensitive data, giving you a competitive edge in the legal and collections arena.

Expertise at Your Service

MCKIOL's seasoned legal and collections experts bring industry know-how to the table, providing tailored and efficient solutions for your needs.

Compliance First

We prioritize regulatory compliance with stringent quality control, safeguarding your legal and financial processes.

Efficiency Unleashed

MCKIOL's outsourcing streamlines your processes, improving responsiveness and cutting operational costs through advanced technology and a skilled team.

Long-Term Commitment

With MCKIOL, you're forging a lasting partnership dedicated to your growth and success in the Law and Collections industry.

Our Outsourced Law services let you concentrate on what matters

In today’s dynamic legal and collections landscape, focusing on core operations and strategic growth is paramount. MCKIOL‘s services relieve you of administrative burdens, enabling you to direct your attention toward your practice’s prosperity or financial operations. We streamline processes, reduce costs, ensure compliance, protect your data, enhance client service, and foster long-term partnerships. With MCKIOL, you can concentrate on your core objectives while we manage your legal and financial processes with precision.

Maximizing Legal
Precision and Collection

In the dynamic landscape of legal services, precision and efficiency are paramount. At MCKIOL, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions that optimize legal processes and collection effectiveness. Our commitment to detail and streamlined operations ensures that your legal affairs are handled with utmost accuracy, while our collection strategies enhance your financial performance. With MCKIOL as your partner, you can expect a seamless fusion of legal expertise and collection prowess, helping you achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively.

Litigation Support

Our litigation support services include a wide range of assistance, ensuring a strong and well-prepared case for legal proceedings.

Call Monitoring

Ensuring compliance and quality in every client interaction. Our meticulous monitoring enhances communication, documentation, and performance, elevating your legal and collection processes.


Effective credit and debt collection strategies to recover outstanding balances.

Finance & Accounting

Streamlined financial and accounting solutions for meticulous record-keeping.

Subrogation Services

Expert subrogation management to navigate complex insurance claims.


Diligent payment integrity services to prevent discrepancies and enhance financial accuracy.

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